Chemical Grouts/Resins
Crew ready cartridges for on-the-spot repairs:
* water leaks in manholes                   Prime Resin PF-920 View
* hairline cracks in concrete                Prime Resins PF-900 View
* roadway wash out                            Prime Resin PF-985 View
* leaking pipe joints                            Prime Resin Hydro-Gel View

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Asphalt Repairs
* UPM® cold mix asphalt repairs           UNIQUE-cold mix View
* cold applied crack sealer                    UNIQUE-koldflo View
* asphalt rejuvenator                             UNIQUE ravelcheck View

Save your budget . . . save your road.

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Culvert Rehabilitation
* grout/seal between insert and culvert
* stabilize subsoil at intake & outlet
* fill annular voids around exterior of culvert
* FRP systems for fish swim-ways
* NO-DIG / NSF-61 certified solutions   Culvert info View

Contact Derek Geisel or Jim Hill for more information

bondadeAsphalt Bonding
* creates a water insensitive bond between layers
* apply to concrete or asphalt
* easy to spray – no sticky mess
* ready to use immediately after application
* can be applied to damp surfaces          Bondade View

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Rust & Corrosion Inhibitor
Migratory Corrosion Inhibitor          Cortec-MCI View
* protect rebar & metal from corrosion
CorrVerter                                       Cortec-CorrVerter View
* primer penetrates through rust to bare metal

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dynacrete-thumbnailPermanent Concrete Seal
* silicate/glass penetrating sealer
* creates a permanent water proof treatment
* resistant to salts and mild acids
* cures 2 to 3 times harder than host concrete

DynaCrete PIM+ Type S      Dynacrete View    
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Polystyrene Elevation Units
* round adjustment units
* square adjustment units
* high strength adhesive

UNIT SIZES   EPS Unit Sizes View          

Contact Derek Geisel or Jim Hill for more information.

Industrial Adhesives
High performance adhesives deliver superior field performance.
Products contain no solvents, are nontoxic, non-flammable and odorless                 Chemlink info View

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Turner Manhole Risers
Riser ring fits into the manhole frame for quick adjustment while paving.
Durable polypropylene risers            turner ring View

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