strataWORKS can show you how to eliminate costly, labour intensive and hazardous construction . . . today

Are the products you use:

  • STABLE – do they prevent lateral and vertical frame movement?
  • DURABLE – do they withstand heavy traffic loads and harsh climate conditions?
  • SUSTAINABLE – do they match or outlast a road’s normal lifecycle?
  • STRUCTURALLY SOUND – can they support all adjustment heights and field conditions?
  • VERSATILE – can they be used to adjust all storm and sanitary frames to grade?
  • PRACTICAL – can they facilitate fast and easy adjustments with no heavy machinery or moving equipment?
  • WORKER FRIENDLY – are your field staff confident they can work without injury?
  • ECO FRIENDLY – do they reduce GHG and comply with “Go Green” initiatives?

The Wrong Products Cause

  • Frequent repairs to the same structure
  • Slow, labor intesive repair times
  • Prolonged road closures and extended traffic controls
  • The need for heavy lifting equipment and transportation equipment
  • Workplace safety issues and unnecessarily high insurance rates & replacement costs
  • Ecological pollution from sewer overflows, high carbon footprints and GHGs

Microbiologically Induced Corrosion

Concrete and steel frames corrode when exposed to sulfuric acid (H2SO4).
Sulfuric acid forms when autotrophic bacteria metabolizes the hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S) that naturally occurs in a sanitary sewer.
UGT’s polyurea coating and sealant are resistant to H2SO4 corrosion and material breakdown.